A legacy of hard work and entrepreneurship

The history of the brand dates back to 1945 when Manuel de Almeida Jorge established a small shoe factory in São João da Madeira, a small town in the north of Portugal, well known for its involvement in this industry.

Starting with only a small shed, the brand quickly gained recognition across the country for the quality of its handmade leather shoes.

With Mariano’s growing reputation came the necessity of building new facilities, capable of housing an ever-increasing production. Nevertheless, after several renovations, the main building stands at the very same spot as the original premises in Rua Jaime Afreixo.

With the second and third generations came the consolidation of the domestic market and the first ventures outside the country’s borders. 

Now on its fourth generation, the brand remains family owned. It has developed into a modern exporting company, capable of keeping up with the markets demands while conserving the original character of its products.

As always, our goal is to handcraft the finest leather goods by combining the finest materials with decades of know-how passed on by each generation.



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Pattern Cutting

Our artisans hand-cut each piece using only the highest quality leather from the most reputable Italian, German and Scottish tanneries.


This stage involves several highly delicate operations such as hand sewing, machine stitching and punching holes for brogue shoes.


Our manufacturing methods (Blake, Tubular and Bolognese assembly) emphasize craftsmanship, ensuring the highest standards of quality and comfort.


True to the spirit of Mariano, all leather soles are manufactured and assembled by our craftsmen. For rubber soles we select the best manufacturers worldwide.


Once the assembly process is done each pair of shoes is carefully finished, ensuring strict and individualized quality control.