The Road is Calling - Mariano X Rua Machines - Photography Pedro Afonso

The Cafe Racer - more than just a motorcycle, a symbol of elegance and charisma, a machine built on irreverent aesthetic principles and fueled by a set of rigorous traditional values that span different generations. This is a way of life - creating the ideal ride with your own hands is a practice historically born from functional necessities - the first cafe racers were typically military motorcycles, abandoned by the army and modified by civilians who stripped these vehicles from parts and components which did not contribute to the machine's original function - travel.

Every gentleman rider emanates an unbreakable passion for this lifestyle and shares a very particular bond with these machines - their sense of respect for this art form is inspiring and has motivated our master artisans to create two unique products that pay homage to the world of Cafe Racers, Seia and Almeida, two characteristic designs inspired by the culture - a balance between timeless class and contemporary irreverence.

Presenting 'The Road is Calling', the editorial series bringing together Mariano's profound knowledge in the art of handcrafting luxury footwear and Rua Machines' expertise in the creation and modification of award-winning motorcycles - adequately captured in analogic format by Pedro Afonso's powerful photography, which transports you to a culture that can never be forsaken.


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Photography by @pedroafonsogram