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Shoe Care

Learn how to keep your shoes in pristine condition.

Cuide bem dos seus sapatos e eles vão deixá-lo orgulhoso por muitos anos.

Shoes should be put on using a shoe horn.

Avoid wearing the same shoes on consecutive days since the moisture absorbed by the leather takes at least 24 hours to dry out.
For storage, insert a shoe tree to avoid deformation of the shoe, and keep away from direct sunlight or any heat source so that the leather doesn’t dry out and tear.

When you travel, wrap the shoes in soft cloth to prevent scratches.


Cleaning is important at an early stage to prevent discoloration of the uppers. If necessary, use a stiff bristle brush to remove persistent dirt.

Stains should be removed with a sponge and neutral soap, using careful circular movements to avoid damaging the leather. Stains formed by salt water should be removed by using a water and vinegar solution (a small dose of vinegar diluted with water).

For suede shoes, fine sandpaper ("type 00") may be applied, followed by a rubber brush to standardise the direction of the leather.


Using a soft natural bristle brush, gently spread the shoe cream in a circular motion to ensure perfect uniformity over the entire shoe.

Allow to dry before giving a final polish with a dry soft brush. Remove any excess shoe cream that may have overflowed onto the soles. To enhance shoe brightness, rub with a woolen or silk cloth, or a velvet brush.

The polish should be as similar as possible to the colour of the leather. Avoid neutral colours and opt for darker shades if you want to accentuate the leather tone. Aggressive coatings and self-shining creams should not be used.