Care – Take care of your shoes

Use a shoehorn to avoid deforming the shoe.

Dry the shoe away from heat sources so that the leather doesn’t dry out and tear.

Avoid using the same shoes two consecutive days, since the moisture absorbed by the leather takes, at least, 24 hours to evaporate.



Cleaning is important, at an early stage, to prevent discoloration of the uppers. If you can, use a stiff bristle brush to remove more persistent dirt.

Any stains should not be taken by force but by delicate movements with the help of a sponge and neutral soap.

In case of stains formed by salt water, a dilution of vinegar is useful for its removal.

In suede shoes use fine sandpaper (type 00) to remove any stains. Then proceed with a rubber brush to standardize the direction of the leather.



The polish should be as similar as possible to the color of the shoe. Avoid neutral colors because they tend to clear the upper, and opt for darker shades if you want to accentuate the leather tone. Aggressive coatings and self shining creams should not be used.

On first pass, gently spread the polish with a soft natural bristle brush while performing circles, to ensure a perfect uniformity. Try not to exceed in the quantity of polish.

Let it dry and proceed to the final polishing with a soft brush. Remove any excess that overflowed to the soles. For more brightness rub with a woolen (or silk) cloth or a velvet brush.



The soles and welts should also be treated with creams for greater protection.

If a wooden shoehorn is available use it to help better dry the lining, while the leather is properly stretched.

When you travel wrap the shoes in soft cloth to prevent scratches.