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SINCE 1945

Handcrafted Portuguese Footwear

Shoes are the perfect way to finish off an outfit, but you have to have the right pair. Mariano doesn’t mass-produce fake leather shoes at a cheap price to satisfy the masses. Our master craftsmen create handcrafted luxury shoes to match the unique style of each of our customers.

Our Portuguese handmade shoes aren’t meant for just anyone; if you want to turn heads and make statements with your outfits, we’re the shoemaker for you.


We recognize that the humble shoe isn’t just a way to cover your foot anymore; in fact, your choice of shoe will reflect your personality and style more than almost anything else.

Mariano has a wide range of styles for you to choose from so that you can get the exact shoe you need for your outfit. Do you want our Lisboa timeless classic brogues? Or maybe you want to go out on a limb with our Odemira, a seafoam green spin on the classic loafer. From boots to loungewear to sneakers to formalwear, we have the handcrafted Portuguese footwear for you.

Scroll below to see a few of our favorite designs or browse through our collections to choose the footwear that best matches your personality and style.


Our artisans have been creating superb-quality shoes for over 70 years in the heart of traditional Portuguese fashion. We painstakingly craft each shoe to be durable so that your shoes will handle the wear and tear you put them through.

Buy your own pair of handcrafted Portuguese shoes today.