3 Tips to Find the Right Fitting Shoe

3 Tips to Find the Right Fitting Shoe

Regardless of the type of shoes you need, you want your shoe to fit perfectly. Ill-fitting shoes will be uncomfortable and can cause injury.

Follow our three tips to find the right fit for you.


1. Focus on the Bigger Foot

It is common for people to have one foot bigger than the other. Typically, the bigger foot isn't just a little longer, it is also a little wider. In most cases, the bigger foot is the non-dominant of the two because it works harder and therefore the muscles develop differently causing a slight variance. Other causes could be from injury or surgery.

You will need to choose your shoe size based on the bigger foot.


2. Measure Your Feet

As an adult your shoe size will probably not change. However, circumstances such as pregnancy or injury may affect your foot size. For this reason, you should occasionally re-measure your feet to ensure you are wearing the right size shoe.

When measuring your feet, wear the type of sock that you will wear with the shoe, as socks can significantly change the size of your foot. In addition, it is best to measure your feet at the end of the day as one’s foot size expands after exertion, and fatigue set in.


3. Consider Your Feet and the Shape of the Shoe

The shape of your feet will fall under one of 3 general types:

· Egyptian – The big toe is the longest sloping down to the smallest. These feet do better in oblique, rounded or squared shoes.

· Roman – The first three toes are roughly the same length. These feet do well in rounded or squared shoes, but oblique shoes may be too tight at the tip.

· Greek – The second toe is the longest. These feet do well in pointed and almond-shaped shoes.


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