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Why You Need a Pair of Handcrafted Shoes

by Boostability |

Humans usually love footwear, and not just to protect their feet. The look and feel of a great pair of shoes have made the product more than just an accessory. Museums offer shoe exhibits, and many shoppers line their closets with dozens of pairs. Despite the love for shoes, many people still turn to mass-produced offerings when what they likely really need is something handcrafted.

Meets Physical Needs

Factory-made shoes may fit into a tight budget, but they likely never fit the feet properly or provide optimum support for the feet. Most people don't feel great when their feet hurt all day. Handmade shoes offer a higher level of quality in the materials and design that helps to ensure better comfort.

Many shoes today are made from inexpensive synthetic materials that do not allow proper airflow or durability. The soles of the shoes do not have adequate support and can begin to fail soon after purchase. A worn-out sole may not cushion the foot from the impact with the ground and lead to foot pain. An uneven sole may not even provide the support the arch needs.

Offers Better Quality

Handmade shoes usually offer quality materials and attention to detail that makes certain each pair meets the standard of the company. A skilled craftsperson will handle each pair of shoes to make certain the eyelets match up, every stitch is in place, and the material does not have any flaws. Mass production does not usually have that level of quality control.

Not only are high-quality shoes often more comfortable than a cheaper factory-made version, but they usually last much longer. The cost of handmade shoes is usually much more reasonable when people realize they can wear them comfortably for years. Cheap shoes may last only for a few months before the degradation of the materials makes replacement necessary.

Many people own shoes they never wear or wear so infrequently they forget they own them. A study showed that the average woman keeps only about five pairs of shoes on constant rotation. The women in the study owned about 20 pairs of shoes each, and nearly 86 percent of the women had at least one pair they had never worn.

The decision to buy only five pairs of high-quality shoes and to keep them for years could greatly reduce the money wasted on never-worn shoes. Since handmade shoes are made in classic designs, the wearers would likely never have to worry about throwing away unworn footwear that went out of style before they could pair them with an outfit.

Helps the Environment

Mass production can encourage people to live in a more disposable society. Products are made with cheaper materials to keep the costs low. The result is that people buy and throw away more items.

Cheaper shoes often use more resources and energy because of the number of pairs the manufacturers must produce to meet the needs of consumers. The shoes thrown out each year as new ones replace them also can leak toxins into the environment.

Manufacturers produce 20 billion pairs of shoes every year for consumers around the globe. If everyone bought handcrafted shoes, fewer pairs would be needed. This would help to save resources and space in landfills. Even if a handcrafted shoe develops a flaw, the quality of the product often encourages people to repair the problem rather than throw out the pair.

When people buy handcrafted shoes, they often support family-owned businesses and talented artisans. In return, they get a product that will almost always exceed their expectations. At Mariano, we have spent 75 years perfecting our process, so every customer gets a pair of shoes they love. Check out our website to learn more about what we offer.