Why You Need a Pair of Handcrafted Shoes

Why You Need a Pair of Handcrafted Shoes

Shoes are the ultimate accessory as they make a personal statement.


Why Leather?

Leather is a natural product. It is breathable and adapts equally to warm and cold weather, and to both dry and humid conditions. Unlike synthetic materials, it offers a snug and comfortable fit for the foot and the shoe itself is not likely to be damaged by the bend of the foot. Leather has a strong elastic ‘memory’ which provides optimal comfort for each individual foot and it is, essentially, a timeless product.

Leather also lasts longer than synthetic materials and is biodegradable.


Why Handcrafted?

Buying handcrafted leather shoes is investing in comfort and sustainability. Comfort, as we have pointed out, is in the very nature of leather but by remaining true to the original artisanal form of handcrafting our footwear, a product of the highest order is achieved. This translates into durability and ultimately sustainability.

Whilst shoes run off a production line might seem easier on the pocket, handcrafted leather shoes are a worthy investment as we can restore your Mariano’s to their original condition.


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