Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Since 1945, each pair of Mariano shoes tells a unique story.

Mariano produces unique shoes with history and maximum awareness of the environment. Today more than ever, sustainability is part of our values, which govern each development, each creation, and each pair of shoes produced.

Not only while using the shoes, but in the reuse of each product. Here at Mariano, we can restore each pair so that they return practically to their original state, allowing us to prolong their use: thus reducing the impact on footwear production.

Another consern is how we pack and transport our products. All packaging used comes from recycled materials, reducing the environmental impact.

In 2022, Mariano Shoes obtained the "Green Energy Certificate" ensuring that the electricity consumed in our production was made through 100% renewable sources. Thus, reducing the ecological footprint, Mariano Shoes contributes to building a more sustainable future.

The future can and should be sustainable, responsible, and greener. Mariano has this awareness, in the development and production of each shoes, for a better world.


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