The Craft

At Mariano, Portuguese traditional craftsmanship meets with innovation - one pair at a time.

We are a traditional firm with the future in mind.

We believe in sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to time-valued practices. We use products with minimal environmental impact in our creations as well as packaging made from recycled materials.

Your Mariano masterpieces can be restored to their original state, thus reducing further their environmental impact by avoiding an unnecessary early demise ending in landfill.

Pattern Cutting

Our artisans hand-cut each piece using only the highest
quality leather from the most reputable eco-friendly tanneries.


This stage involves several highly skilled and delicate operations
such as hand sewing, machine stitching and crafting perforated
patterning for our brogues.


Here, experienced hands apply the carefully closed upper to
our crafted sole and layered heel, through an exact number
of stitches to give maximum strength to the shoe.


True to the spirit of Mariano, all leather soles are manufactured
and assembled by our craftsmen. For rubber soles we select the
best manufacturers worldwide.


This is where it all comes together. The colourist’s patina is
applied and each shoe is carefully finished and meticulously
inspected. An individually crafted masterpiece is born.